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Jobs in Biotechnology, Biology and Microbiology

Jobs in Biotechnology, Biology and Microbiology

A job in biotechnology involves the use of living organisms, cells, or biological systems to develop new products and technologies. Biotechnology can be applied in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, medicine, environmental science, and industrial production. Some examples of job roles in biotechnology include: Biomedical Engineer: Develops and designs medical equipment, devices, […]

Bioinformatics Job Research Scientist – Bioinformatics & Scientific method development

Bioinformatics & Scientific method development

A bioinformatics job typically involves using computational and statistical methods to analyze and interpret biological data, such as DNA sequences, protein structures, and genetic variations. This can include tasks such as genome assembly and annotation, gene expression analysis, and drug discovery. Bioinformatics professionals may work in academia, government, or industry, and may have backgrounds in […]

Tata Consultancy Services Recruitment 2023 Apply Now

Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services में भर्तियां निकली है। आप इस भर्ती के लिए इच्छुक हो, तो TCS Recruitment 2023 की पूरी जानकारी इस लेख में दी गई है। इस लेख को पूरा पढ़े। संघटन का नाम – Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) जॉब का प्रकार – IT Jobs रिक्त पद – Various जॉब लोकशन – Mumbai पद का […]